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A StoryTllr C64 port of the first part of Davide Bucci's The Queen's Footsteps - now released as GPL 3.0

The only real difference with the original version should be some minor engine-default behaviors and, of course, the presence of graphics in each location.

If you like this game, please give the right tribute to the original author.

Today is August 27th, 1904. Nine months ago, you, Emilia Vittorini, joined the Italian Archeological Expedition in Egypt led by Ernesto Schiaparelli, the director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin. You are now back in Genoa, Italy: your steam ferry arrived three days ago with 25 wooden boxes containing Queen Nefertari Meritmut's grave goods, a real treasure! They left Genoa by train, heading towards Turin, yesterday evening. While they were in transit, you were invited to a sumptuous reception organised by a wealthy art lover, Eugenio Collovati, count of Raligotto, but it would be hard to say that you appreciated the evening.

But the reception was yesterday: now, you must catch the train to Turin and check that the treasure arrived safely. I will be your eyes and ears. Good luck.

Here you can find the full source code of the converted game: https://github.com/MGProduction/The-Queen-s-Footsteps

If, like me, you're curious to understand more about this beautiful game, my port should make your study much easier - compared to reading AWS's original code - and should make a possible further conversion (to other well-known systems) much easier.

Notes: if you're playing this game with an emulator, you can cheat a bit, removing True Drive Emulation (but keeping Virtual Device). This improves (of course) speed.
If instead, you want to play real (and/or you're using a real machine) you can write gfx in the game prompt and choose P (progressive) - that won't speed up loading, but at least you can see the image progressing - or (when you want to speed up things) S (static) so that it keeps (as long as you don't change it back) a static image.


queensfootsteps.d64 170 kB

Install instructions

To play the .d64 file you need a real C64 or a C64 emulator.

Development log


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Good game and nice graphics, thanks. I also included it in my February 2024 New Games On C64 video.

thx :-)

very good

thanks :-D


Hi Marco,
   I'm so happy to see this result. When I released the source code of The Queen's Footsteps, I did not imagine that someone would ACTUALLY read it, let alone study it in detail to port the game towards such an advanced system, drawing a picture for each room.

The result is truly amazing and I like it a lot.



well - thank you so much :-) - really happy about your words-  you're one of my "heroes" :-) and your work inspired me long before your code release

My pleasure!

Maybe a collaboration between the two of you some time in the future? ;-

Great !!!!!!!

thx :-)

Amazing work! https://c64universe.wordpress.com/2024/02/17/the-queens-footsteps-storytllr-vers...


thank you so much :)

The images are some of the best I have seen on the C64.

you're too kind :-) - but thanks - a not minimal part of the work I'm doing in my engine compiler is indeed in the image conversion towards C64 color specification