Why there's an ancient Chest behind a door that wasn't? Why a small golden object is found just outside the ISS? And why do some odd groups of people do a lot of odd things, in MODENA, Italy?

A game about Museums, Libraries, and Books (with Gods, Witches, and astronauts involved too)

The Story

Marco is waiting for a real photographer (!) to start his career as a journalist, Sara is enjoying the presence of Enrica, one distant cousin she never heard about, and Andrea is attending a writing course (and then a book presentation) with a local writer he admires. They're teens and friends, and they'll probably see each other later for a drink. What EVER can go wrong, with this background?

Well, it just depends on what's the mystery behind a quite impressive Gear Chest and why a lot of odd people (and Gods?) want something from it

How to play

Left-click: use / interact / talk to Right-click: look at / move to To change area, click to move to the exit point, then once there, click again

You can switch between the three main characters anytime, using the three bottom-left icons

Pressing space you can see the usable hotspots (including directions)


Story, Graphics and Animations by Marco Giorgini (@marcogiorgini )

Original Music by Paco Diago (@PacoDiago)

Game built with Defold engine (http://www.defold.com)


If you need some help to finish the game, check it here.

Source & Resources

As I said, my engine is based on Defold - if you're curious to see how it works, you can find the whole project (of the jam version of the game) here.  

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorMarco Giorgini
Made withDefold
Tags16-bit, 2D, Pixel Art, Point & Click


PC_The Mysterious Gear Chest.zip 6 MB
MAC_The Mysterious Gear Chest.app.zip 6 MB
LINUX_The Mysterious Gear Chest.zip 6 MB
Mysterious-gear-chest.mp3 1 MB

Development log


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This was a very well written and fun adventure game. I really like how you can switch between the three characters. Great work!

thanks :-) glad you liked it :-D

This game is not easy but, wow, it has so many characters and rooms. Well done!

Thanks for your words and for playing it :-) - and I'm happy you were able to finish it!

Out of curiosity, about characters&rooms: original plan (the one I've had at day #3 during the jam) the number of locations and characters were higher (I didn't use at least two already drawn chars and there were other 3/4 planned) - but I've had to cut them to stay in the 14 days limit

Really loved this. Loved the graphics and art, the ideas and more. I got stuck on the 'glue' puzzle frustratingly, but got there in the end. 

Excellent for 2 weeks work!

thanks :-) happy you liked and that you were able to finish it - yes - other people got stuck there :-| - I've probably chosen the wrong way to add a Warhammer reference (a poster should have been a lot better - and simpler)

Yeah i loved it ! Really in this lucas arts style that we love ! Well done


Thank you :-D - happy for your words :-P

WOW, it a very good adventure game.. pity without any sounds or musics or any talking because it would be better its talking and read subtitles too.. because i'm partially hard of hearing and loves point n click adventures games and solve it without any hints..

thanks for thhe brilliant game. please makes some more better  next time.. cheers

thanks, glad you liked it :-) - actually there's music (even if just one piece) but you're right - no sound at all (and that I could have handled) and no voice acting (that was out of any chance in a 14 days period - there's too much text involved).
But yes I'll try to do better next time

thanks marco... keep it up trying to do your best as possible.. thanks

Very nice work, Marco! You've managed to make yet another epic story and made even some truly absurd things fit into the overall storyline. I am, as always, astonished at how big a game you've managed to create in the short time frame.

Your character sprites are getting progressively more detailed with every game and I think they look great. The map was a very welcome addition, given how frequently we're visiting multiple locations.

It would have been nice to see a bit more detail in the backgrounds and item descriptions, but on the other hand, keeping it limited to the necessities did make it easier to stay focused on the main objective. And I didn't even encounter any bugs!

thanks :-) - you're very kind - and I'm very happy for your words

Nicely done, an impressive amount of work squeezed in to two weeks as always!

thanks -)

Huh, even if I take the wand, there still is one on the bed...

that doesn't sound right :-| - you should still a shadow (because it burned) but not an actual wand - I'll check it - but if you experienced it it's a bug (and I'm sorry about that :-( )

(1 edit)

Ok - yes - I left the trace but I didn't change the hot spot name - you should read a different description and NOT be able to interact any further with that - it's a bug but it should not be critical to finish the game (if I'm not missing something - I mean I've tried now and I've been able to act even with the missing name in the inventory). I'll fix that - sorry

very good

thanks .-)