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Very nice christmas game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:19:10. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


thanks for playing my little game in your video :-) I cannot understand spoken German (I can just - hardly - read it a little) but I watched your gameplay (and I subscribed) - happy about that

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Some of our liveshows are also avalable with english subtitles, but it depends on the video length. 🙂 YouTube seems to no longer provide automatic subtitles for longer videos than 4 hours. Since our livestreams are usually longer, the subtitles are therefore deactivated. 😕


Santa's Rats Issue!

What a fun Christmas present, the opportunity to test for you Marco! It was an absolute pleasure during my holiday!  THANK YOU! Here's a game play example and please subscribe to my channel if you are so inclined!  Happy New Year!

it's been a pleasure for me too, to work with you :-) thanks again for your precious work .-)

Cover by sirdrak!!


**W*O*W** - it's simply terrific :-) I really love it thanks!

Excellent work and first game for C64! Very funny 😃

thanks :-)


Hi Marco! Love your game. I see that you use cc65 like me.

we must be the only two people in the multiverse programming "C" on commodore 64 XDD

eh eh eh - I understand why (performance and size are an issue - for me above all when at start I tried to really just write "normal" C code) but it's really easier during debug

En las herramientas veo que has usado CC65, ¿el juego está hecho con C o ensamblador?


la mayor parte en C con partes en lenguaje de máquina - pero incluso las partes en C están escritas casi como si estuvieran en lenguaje de máquina - sin paso de parámetros y con macros

¡Genial, gracias por responder!

¡Me encanta!


muchas gracias .-) y feliz navidad

My best attempt so far. Merry X-mas and a happy new year!

wow .-) really nice video - and your play at level 6 was great (6 is quite strict as timing) - merry xmas and happy new you to you too :-)

Merry Christmas 🎅 Good Game 😁

thanks :D - Merry Christmas to you too :-D

Very nice game! :) Merry XMAS and keep up your great work!


thank you so much :-) Best whishes to you too :-)

Thank you! :) Its a very challenging game in later levels! :)


wow .-) you scored high .-) - and yes - levels get hard quite soon
(my plan is anyway to add more different ones in a next major update - there are just 3 because I wanted to be out *before* Xmas)

Good news. It was mostly hard because time was low after I collected the most of presents but I like how it can be complete the harder levels in the last seconds. :)