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[WARNING: the downloadable version is just a preview of the final game]


You are the youngest member of the Garrot Guild, or what is left of it. Most of those loyal to the Duke were killed after the brutal and unexpected Lyrin invasion that so changed the land you were born in.

But though few remain, and they must now work in secret, your master's research has not ceased. And it is more important than ever.

You know little of it, the old arts being so difficult for you, but you have other useful skills. You know how to move around without being noticed, and you know how to blend in, thanks in part to your mixed race.

So you were not surprised when you were sent to Nesterin, one of the settlements near the old border, to get hold of Erik's report, whatever it might contain. 

You've never met him, but you know that his qualities are second to none, and if the Master took the risk of sending him so far, it could mean that something really important is at stake.

Honestly, you've long since lost hope of a breakthrough that would give the small resistance a chance of victory, but you've certainly not lost the will to fight.

The game

Before the war, Nesterin was an important settlement because of the nearby silver mines. Now it is still a wealthy town, but in a state of decay, controlled by the Lyrin men. You don't know exactly what happened there, or what Erik decided to do when he arrived six months ago. So you must be careful, but time is also of the essence. 

Your task is to find him, or at least his work. But even if it's not what the Guild asked you to do, anything that avenges your friends is something you know you're willing to do.

This preview

In this early preview, active gameplay is very limited. You can move around and explore some of Nesterin and its surroundings (and start to get an idea of the potential story elements you'll need to work on), you can interact with people (ask them about things), and you have a couple of plot paths you can already follow.

First, there's a place where something happened, because it's now inaccessible. And your job is to find a way in.

Secondly, in order to fit in, to start dealing with some people, and to get access to other areas that you can't get into at the beginning, it's better to find some kind of work, not necessarily a paid one.

Some tips

The School

Something terrible has happened at the local school, near the market.

You can't get in through the main door (it's boarded up), but if you go near and take a look, you might find another possible entrance.

Yes, it's still closed, but the area isn't crowded and with the help of a tool you might be able to find a way in.

Inn's Kitchen

If you head northwest from the south entrance (following the road to the mines), you'll soon be blocked by armed men. They're just preventing people from passing and drinking beer. 

But who's the one who has to bring them new barrels when they've emptied theirs?

Yes, the local guard. That he's young, a not-so-common thing now in Nesterin, but not without physical problems.

After you've seen the barrels, and after you've seen what he's worried about, he might let you help him. And then he'll give you one. And then you'll be able to enter the inn's kitchen.

Nothing more for now, and be aware that this preview version has a time limit (sort of, not real-time, but in-place actions count), so you may be forced to restart from time to time.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorMarco Giorgini
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
Tags8-Bit, Commodore 64, Fantasy, Text based
Average sessionA few minutes


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Very nice adventure with lovely graphics. Our German-language preview can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:05:42. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

thanks :-) - normal way to proceed is to examine <elements> or talk to <people> or take <objects> - the hilighted texts are usually objects for verbs

anyway thank you so much for your time and for adding my game to your list

Grazie mille, corro a leggere l'articolo.

Grazie infinite.


E' stato utilizzato un tool specifico per lo sviluppo del gioco?

Grazie mille



Sì - la versione (in lavorazione) del mio StoryTllr64 (c+asm) - ne parlo qui: https://marcogiorgini.me/blog/2023/04/07/storytllrc64-your-first-project/ e negli articoli seguenti