Fork vs Monzie [TV Game Jam] released

With a bit more of 24 hour left my TV Game Jam entry is officially submitted.

A little game inspired by My Favorite Orkan (the Happy Days episode where Mork was created) in which you play the alien who tries to take Richie with him on his home planet. But while in the TV Show this scene - inside Arnold's - is dealt in a "civil way" - in this game you need to use a more direct approach. With your two powers (a freezing ray, that blocks people, and a controlling ray, that lets you move them) you must overcome Richie's friend (above all the Fonz/Monzie) and drag him out. Seems easy? Well, it's not .-)

A quick game to play - at the moment only in your browser - done in less that 14 days with Defold engine


Fork vs Play in browser
Feb 13, 2019

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