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Hi Marco, I've played some of your little ports (Cloak of Darkness and Accuse) and saw your blog. I've read you have a taste for text adventures so you might be interested in one of my own PC games:

(Besides, it is a pure coincidence that I picked the same title font as "The Curse of Rabenstein".)

Although I am currently busy in the process of making a new game, I was also wondering if I perhaps could port "The Dark Secret of Calming Creek" to the C64 using your engine, but if you really enjoy porting and you like to do it, be my guest. :)

Hi - I've started your game and have a first look around - it seems quite nice :-) - and I'll surely try to finish it

I'll be glad if you want to try my engine for the porting - and, if you're not at all in a rush, I could give it a pre-check (so at least to start it) if you don't mind sharing your code (did you use directly C# or a more specific script language, played by Unity?)

Anyway - you did a great work :)

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Hi Marco,

Thanks for the compliment. And yes I've used C#, own code. It was my first try to create a text parser so it should appear to be a bit messy. :) But no problem sharing it though, can I perhaps mail it to info @ ?


yes - that mail should be good .-)

A very nice little adventure.
You should take advantage of the engine and make it longer.
Thx for it !!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for your words .-) - and yes - I hope to use the engine to make a longer game (but not necessarily related to this one)

very good

Very interesting! 

I will try it, thanks! 

:-) thanks to you for your words

very good

you're always quite supportive - thanks .-)