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Cloak of Darkness (originally made by Roger Firth) is like a Hello World project for an Interactive Fiction engine. It's a classic (really) short story, realized by hundred of developers using several different languages.

So it was an easy choice to use it to test the native C64 graphic text adventure I'm working on (with the hope to realize a bigger game).

And even if it's a game that you can finish in less than a minute I hope you can have a bit of fun :-)

I'm also releasing the adventure game source script in case you're curious to see how this IF language is different from others.

Update: you can check the complete source code for this little game (engine + compiled script data) here https://github.com/MGProduction/Cloak-of-Darkness-C64 - be aware that the engine (code-named for now storytllr64) is still a work-in-progress.

A couple of notes:

- talking about IF I'm in love with ALAN (http://www.alanif.se/) since its first version - and it's really clear that I took a lot from their work - just mixing it with my other experiences done with Defold for Point-and-Click games.

- if you want to know more about the original game (and its other better implementations) you can have a look at this page: http://www.firthworks.com/roger/cloak/

- if you like this kind of game, for C64, I strongly suggest you check out The Curse of Rabenstein https://8bitgames.itch.io/rabenstein - it's a wonderful game I've played several times that inspired me to try to do my own engine. This, even if my taste for this specific subset of adventure games was born in the 80s thanks to some (I think) not internationally known Italian adventure games published on tape and available in newsstores (https://www.edicola8bit.com/riviste.php?console=c64&collana=adventure_64). 

- this game has been developed using CC65 compiler (https://www.cc65.org/) - it's made in C with some inline asm

- also this time, I want to thank Eric Akeson for his time and support.


cloakofC64_script.zip 3 kB
cloakofC64.prg 28 kB

Install instructions

This is a C64 game so you need an emulator OR a real C64 (and a way to put the program on tape or on disk)

Development log


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A very nice little adventure.
You should take advantage of the engine and make it longer.
Thx for it !!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for your words .-) - and yes - I hope to use the engine to make a longer game (but not necessarily related to this one)

very good

Very interesting! 

I will try it, thanks! 

:-) thanks to you for your words

very good

you're always quite supportive - thanks .-)