A pixel art point-and-click adventure game about delusions, a dead brother, killings, hate and high school

***WARNING***: there's a bug that causes problems that I'll fix after the voting period - don't go to the parking lot on the LEFT outside the school (you can't go - and you don't need to)

Jim is a tough kid with a tough life. But hard as things can get he was always certain of one simple thing: Boulder, his big brother, would have his back.  But when you play with fire all the time, shit happens. So he was kidnapped, and beaten up, and he stayed in hospital for a while. Now everyone's telling him his brother's dead - including his school teachers. He still can't understand why, but as long as Boulder is around, he's ready for everything. Because he's nickname is Troubles and everybody should remember why.

Made for $104 Adventure Game Challenge (that required the game theme to be Delusion) it features a lowres pixel resolution, and a left click / right click only interface.

How to play:

Left click: LOOK AT
Right click: ACT (TALK TO / USE / OPEN / TAKE)
To use with: Drag objects from inventory on elements or actors
To move: Left click where there are not hotspots or where there are door area
To change location: go to a door area, and confirm with an extra left click


Here you can find a complete set of information to play the game from start to finish.
If you don't want to read them before trying by your own to complete it I just point you out that: there are two kind of ending (good or bad for the player) with some variants. If you want to see more than one remember to SAVE the game when things get dangerous.

Technical notes:

Everything (story&assets) has been done by me  (specifically for this jam, within jam limits) with these exceptions:

fonts (the low res one is from dafont.com )
soundtrack (by Eric Matyas - soundimage.org)

I used my own point-and-click engine powered by Defold


BoulderandTroubles.win.zip 4 MB


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I like your game but I'm stuck. How do I get the keys? The maintenance guy gave me a knife and a notebook and isn't letting me take the key...


Sorry - that's sadly a pixel hunting thing. Once you forced him to give you the notebook you can move around. Check the keys - check the first row first column - check the last one on the left in that part.

I've already enlarged that area (because it's wrong you have to search the 101 key that way) but I cannot update the game until the voting session is over


Finished it! I really liked your game, the story was great. Music and art are nice too. Good job!

thanks :-D - really happy about that :-)