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Fun game, level 2 is very difficult though

The web version had a few glitches initially when it came to inputs, with keystrokes going to the page instead of the game (space would scroll down, etc), but when I got it to work, the game was pretty impressive for something made entirely from scratch. Who needs Unity, eh?

thanks :-) (and I'll check if I can fix the missing input - that's weird)

and well to be fair Unity is surely overkill for such a 2d game (and it's engine weight - bare - I guess is 10/50 times my whole win32 game)

thanks again :-)

very good

thanks Marco :-)

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Windows is up to its usual shenanigans, first complaining that the publisher is unknown, then deleting the EXE from under me becasue "the file contained a virus"

Or is the download actually a trojan?

well - yes, I'm not "known" by Windows as a valid developer (it's a direct download - not from its store) and no, it's not a trojan :-) - but you don't need to trust me - source code is on github (link provided) - you can build it by yourself (or play web version)

btw: to be extra sure I re-downloaded the exe in the zip I've submitted and it's a perfect copy of mine (I mean, local and remote copies are the same)- and then I've checked it with a couple of online virus checkers (like this one: and none of them said anything about it. But, as I already said, you don't need to trust me - considering source code is provided too :-)

Thanks anyway for your note (and for your time)

I know that most of these reports are false positives, just wanted to let you know. AV software seems to me to do more harm than good, but you just can't get people to stop using them (and Microsoft seems to re-enable theirs with every Windows update).

yes you're right - I'm now with another tool but I used Avast for some times - and ok, it makes sense - I stopped using it because it warned me about just built executables (not all of them but it happened a lot of times) - but that's more MY problem than THEIRS of course - I mean, mine, using (I guess) VS2008 to (C) code at home