Accuse [C64]

After the minimal Cloak of Darkness demo game, I decided to reimplement another "classic" little IF game, using my storytllr64, my WIP C64 graphic text adventure engine

This time I've selected Accuse, by David A. Wheeler, a 2007 (vaguely) Cluedo-like replayable game, released under GPL 2 or later license.

murder, in a mansion, with three suspectsthree potential murder weapons, and five locations, and you, a detective with "powers", able to understand if a specific accusation is correct or not.

Beware, more than a real mystery game, Accuse is a logical puzzle game within a mystery setting. But if you've got 10-15 minutes to spare (and you don't mind playing a game made for a 40ish-year-old 8-bit (great!) home computer - I mean, you need an emulator or the a real C64 to play it) I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Being released as GPL3 you can also look at the game source code (scripts and readme are in the available zip file)




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Thanks for providing these demos. The adventure game engine would be nice for us to cover in the ZZAP! 64 magazine, (screenshots, concept, technical aspects, future of it etc.). Additionally, future demos or full games created in it, exclusively on one of our cover disks (and released on itch simultaneously). Keep going and thanks for the games that you are providing!

wow :-) thanks - this is an intriguing offer. I'll surely contact you about that once ready for a full game or a more extensive demo - thx :-)

Thanks Marco. Drop me an email when you get time, we can talk more there.